NMW: Makeup-Less Tuesday

Today is the second day of No Makeup Week. Yesterday, I showed you my glasses.

This time, I’m trying to stay pretty, even without makeup.

I’ve got on a nice pink flower headband I got at Ross. And a frilly purple top. I’d say I pull of the pretty, sans-makeup.

It’s funny. I normally have clear skin. No zits for me. It’s weird that now, for No Makeup Week, I all of a sudden have five or so zits on my face. What the heck? Bad timing, face. Bad timing.

How is your No Makeup Week going? Have you caved in and thrown some makeup on? And yes, concealer counts.


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  1. You look lovely! I love the flower in your hair, it is very pretty!

  2. Nice flower! My skin has been acting out, too! I’m not wearing any makeup, either 🙂

  3. You ladies make me feel good. 🙂 Thanks.

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