NMW: Makeup-Less Friday

I woke up with some really messed up hair. But since I’m dying my hair tonight, and you should dye it the day after washing it and without any hair products in it, I just had to leave it as is.

So, I got a little creative with my hair today, the fifth day of No Makeup Week. Check it out:

I put my hair in pig tail braids and threw on a hat. It’s really rare that I wear hats, but it was necessary. And it doesn’t look so bad.

Did you notice that it’s autumn now? Summer is officially over. I miss it already. Though, I do love the smell of fallen leaves. And Halloween candy.

Yay, autumn!


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  1. Thanks for doing no makeup week! Very inspirational 🙂 And you really, truly are a beautiful woman – with or without makeup 🙂 Good luck with the hair colouring! 🙂

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