Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream Highlight for Holiday Season 2010

Have you ever looked at a product and wanted it just because of the packaging?

That’s how I feel about the new Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream Highlight. The purple and gold packaging is nice indeed!

Just look at that skull. Classy. It reminds me of the Aztec gold medallions in Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Urbanglow Cream Highlight ($24) comes out in stores on Friday, October 1st, but you can buy it online now at the Urban Decay website. It’s a creamy highlighter to accentuate your assets and brighten your face. It comes in four colors:

  • Brown Sugar: taupey brown
  • Moonshine: iridescent
  • Sin: champagne
  • Wicked: pink

According to the website, it can work as a bronzer, highlighter or blush, depending on the color you choose and how you use it.

What do you think of the packaging? Are you going to pick this up?


Photo credit: Urban Decay

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  1. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and I’m always tempted to buy products just because they are pretty. Although I’m getting better later and buy mostly what I need. I love the packaging of this cream highligh, it’s cool and nice. And the product doesn’t sound too bad either.

  2. Yes! I want this because the packaging is so cute and I love skulls and the color purple. The problem is which shade to choose – I love highlighters, and two or three of the colors look perfect to me.

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