Halloween Nail Polish: Wet N Wild Wild Shine in Eggplant Frost

As I mentioned recently, I’ve been on a little bit of a buying spree for Wet N Wild Halloween nail polish. At first, I walked into Shopko and got Caribbean Frost and Bijou Blue. But I couldn’t stay away. I went back and got Eggplant Frost as well.

What makes Wet N Wild Wild Shine nail polish in Eggplant Frost a Halloween nail polish? I’m not really sure, other than it being a part of the brand’s Halloween displays. I’m pretty sure you can buy it all year ’round.

Eggplant Frost is a deep, dark purple color. It has a slight shimmer that looks blue at some angles. Here’s a swatch so you can see it in action:

Eggplant Frost, 2 coats

This shade went on really thick. Much thicker than normal. Because of the thickness, it was a bit hard to maneuver. It also dries a slower than normal because of this, making it easy to smudge. Luckily, it only needed two coats.

It didn’t start chipping until about 3 days after first application, and then only a little. I’ve since had it on my fingers for a whole week and I’m only now starting to consider doing a new manicure.

That’s very long, I tell you.

And remember, this nail polish is only 99 cents. Seriously.

Because of these factors, I give Eggplant Frost, from the Wet N Wild Wild Shine Halloween nail Polish collection an…


You can pick up this shade wherever Wet N Wild is sold (such as Shopko and Walgreens) for 99 cents.


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  1. The color is beautiful! And for the price, it works really well.

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