10 More Ways to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Last year, I gave you some hints on how to look more beautiful without makeup, such as smiling and doing a cute up ‘do.

But how about some more tips? After all, it always good to look super cute without makeup.

Then, once you look hot without makeup, you won’t be afraid to head to the grocery store with a naked face. It’s a win-win!

10 More Ways to Look Beautiful—Even Without Makeup

  1. Dress up. Throw on your favorite dress or a flouncy skirt. Just because you’re not wearing makeup doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing.
  2. Give yourself a mani/pedi. Paint your fingernails and toenails some awesome colors. Don’t match the polishes, though. Go for a different color on your fingers than on your toes.
  3. Focus on the shoes. Show off your adorable toes with peep-toe shoes or flip flops. Wear your favorite pair of low heels. Anything that’s cute and that makes you happy.
  4. Improve your self-esteem and confidence. When you know that you look good, that confidence will shine through, and others will agree with you.
  5. Exfoliate your face. Slough off all the dirt and dried skin that’s making your face look ruddy and dry. The better your skin, the better you’ll look overall.
  6. Moisturize. After exfoliating, you have to keep your face quenched. Also throw on some SPF for good measure.
  7. Get lots of sleep. With only a few hours of sleep, you’ll wake up puffy with dark circles under your eyes. Try to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night to look rested.
  8. Eat healthy. I’m not going to lecture you. Just know that if you replace some junk food with fruits and vegetables, you’ll look healthier and prettier.
  9. Go for a walk. The exercise will do you good and give you a nice glow that acts as a natural blush, especially when you walk outside in colder weather.
  10. Use clear lip balm. It’ll quench your lips so they don’t peel or dry out. You’ll have kissable lips! Pick a balm with SPF so you don’t get a nasty sunburn there either.

Have any other ideas on how to look great without makeup? Share your tips in the comments section below!


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  1. These are nice advice. Clear lip balm tricks my brain into thinking I’m wearing lipstick. The one that I love a lot is Chicken Poop at health food store. It has lavender essential oil and smells wonderful!

  2. Smile! That’s my favourite way. =)

  3. i love this thanks

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