Celebrate with Vera Wang Anniversary

When I think of Vera Wang, I mostly think of wedding dresses. After all, that’s how she got her start in the fashion world and what she still makes today.

20 years after starting in fashion, Vera Wang also makes runway couture clothing, lovely fragrances and more. And to commemorate those 20 years, she recently released a new scent: Vera Wang Anniversary.

What does the bottle look like?

VWAnnivers02 The bottle is sort of short and wide. It’s made of glass, and so is the stopper on top, which shows that this is quality stuff.

The only real adornments are a purple hue where the perfume is stored, and a small shiny metal piece near the top.

This bottle is really simple. No frills. And since it’s shorter and wider at the base, there’s a much smaller chance of it falling over and breaking.

How does it smell?

My first impressing of Vera Wang Anniversary:

It smells like flowers. It’s sophisticated. And for adults.

It reminds me of the kind of perfume that a business woman would wear to work. She smells good, but she also means business.

VWAnnivers03 Here are the various notes that the brand insists are in this perfume:

  • Sicilian bergamot, red apple leaves, mandarin oil, cool dew drops
  • White gardenia, rose absolute, orange flowers
  • Silky musks, orris, amber crystals, cedarwood

Of these, I smell the gardenia and orange flowers the most.

In fact, Vera Wang Anniversary reminds me of my many trips to Arizona when I was a kid because of the orange flowers blooming in all of the trees. I like that.

It also smelled like there was a tiny bit of lilac thrown in.

In all, I like the scent, although I wish it was a little fruitier and a little more whimsical. But if you like sophisticated and flowery scents, you’ll love this.

How well does it work?

The pump sprays out a fine mist.

VWAnnivers04 Two spritzes sprayed out in front of me, and then walked through, gave a nice delicate scent overall.

Unfortunately, the scent faded after about 4 hours. I could barely smell it at all, even if I smelled it directly off my skin or clothes. So if you want to smell like this all day, you would either have to use more (but then you would smell like you’re drowning in it) or you’d have to bring it with you so you could reapply.

The Final Verdict

As I review this, I can only go by my own reaction to this. Since the scent was a bit more ‘adult’ and sophisticated than I normally go for, I didn’t like it as much as other fragrances I’ve tried. Then again, I can’t ignore the fact that it did smell really good for what it was, and many other women would like it a lot. It does get points marked down for not lasting very long as a scent. Otherwise, this was a pretty good fragrance, and I do intend on using it when I want to smell like an adult or want to look and smell professional. I give Vera Wang Anniversary a…


Purchase Vera Wang Anniversary at fine department stores or at Sephora’s online store. The 1.7fl oz bottle (which I used) sells for $72 while the 3.4fl oz bottle sells for $92. You can also pick up a shimmer rollerball version for $25.


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  1. This sounds like the kind of fragrance I like, I love its notes and the bottle is beautiful too. Too bad it doesn’t last long.

  2. I find the original Vera Wang to be sophisticated and grown up as well. The bottle looks so gorgeous and the purple juice is to die for! Too bad it doesn’t last that long. Btw, the nail polish video is up. I hope you will like it.

  3. I like the bottle, doesn’t it kind of remind you of a dress? It looks like a petticoat and a dress to me 🙂 I have to say that I really loved Vera Wang Princess, it wasn’t complex but it was yummy. This sounds like a lovely fragrance as well.

  4. As you said, it is very sophisticated. I tried it a few times, and like you found that it doesn’t last long. All in all an excellent review that I agree with whole heartedly. 🙂

  5. The bottle looks very nice, i love the design. Its a shame i cant smell it though over the internet maybe in the future though, lol. I will have to check this out.

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