Tropical Face of the Day and Movies About Writing

I’m missing summer already. It’s not that I don’t like fall. Fall/autumn is actually my favorite season. I just hate that it heralds in winter. I should move somewhere that gets fall but that never turns into winter. That would be great!

So, as you can see from my face of the day, I went tropical. Can you blame me? It’s cold outside!

Take a look…

All sorts of blue, green and yellow going on. And nice fuchsia lips. It makes me wish I was on vacation.

fotd110310-02Since I wanted really vibrant eye shadow colors, I smoothed on a layer of Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy first. Then I used the blue, green and yellow colors from the Hot Topic Sour Eye Shadow Palette. I also used Fyrinnae Loose Eye Shadow in Polar Bear at the inside corner of my eye and right below the brow bone.

I lined my eyes with Sephora Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner in Keep Blue on the top and bottom. And then topped it off with Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper mascara in Black Velvet, top and bottom.

fotd110310-03Lips! I started with Luzier Lipstick in Cranberry Crush, and covered it in Avon Glazerwear Lip Gloss in Mauve Movement.

Last week I mentioned that I was doing yet another year of National Novel Writing Month.

fotd110310-04Every year I like to watch writing-related movies during November. It gives me motivation. Here are four movies I like that are about writing or writers:

  • Stranger Than Fiction (2006) is a somewhat serious movie starring Will Ferrell. He starts to hear someone narrating his life. If that weren’t hard to deal with enough, the narrator talks of his imminent death.
  • Alex & Emma (2003) is a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson. Luke needs to write a novel in a month (just like NaNoWriMo!) and hires Kate to type it out as he dictates. Romance ensues.
  • Romancing the Stone (1984). Kathleen Turner stars as a romance novelist who spends all her time writing and living vicariously through her characters. But then she falls into a real romantic adventure with a very handsome Michael Douglas.
  • Whisper of the Heart (1995). One of my favorites and a Japanese animated movie from Studio Ghibli. A young girl loves writing. She meets a boy who encourages her to write a novel while he goes away to Paris to learn to make violins.

Do you know of any other good movies about writing or writers? Does watching stuff like this make you feel motivated to write? It sure does for me.


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  1. I love this look! The eye makeup is so bright and colorful and that lip color looks great on you!

  2. Love the eye makeup and the movie suggestions.
    Romancing the stone is one of my favorites.

  3. I love this look, it is so bright and cheerful! Love “Stranger than Fiction”, too. It is one groovy movie.

  4. ooh I love this eye look on you! Although I have to say, it’s been pretty sunny where I am, definitely does not feel like fall lol.

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