Do You Wait For Nail Polish to Dry Between Coats?

I’ve been kind of crazy about nail polish lately. At least more than I ever used to be. So I’ve been reviewing nail polish and showing off my nails of the day.

As I was painting my nails yesterday, I got to thinking…do other people wait for their nails to dry between coats like I do?

When I paint my nails, I put on a coat, wait until the nails dry (although they may not be 100% dry, they certainly feel like it), then put on another coat.

But is that the same for you? I’d like to know!

Do you wait for your nail polish to dry before adding another coat?

Or do you just keep layering it on when it’s still wet? Or semi-wet?

Let us all know in the comments. Red heart


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  1. I usually wait about a minute, sometimes less between coats. I know I should probably wait more but I’m too lazy..

  2. Usually, I’d paint the nails on my left hand before going to my right hand. Then, I would go back and do a second coat from left to right. By then, the nail polish would probably dry or semi-dry already. I don’t paint two coats back to back, though. I really have no explanation for this.

  3. Hmm…sometimes I do wait 1-2 minutes while I’m waving my hands so the polish would dry faster but usually I just reapply the second coat after I finished painting all my nails. 🙂

  4. I wait a little bit, mostly because it’s so frustrating when the polish is too wet and I apply a second coat (then I get the dreaded bunching up of polish eurghhh).

  5. I usually wait a few min between coats. But if its a color that doesn’t have a lot of pigment I do it right away.
    I wish I had the aptience to wait, but I just want them to be done with!

  6. I usually wait until the first coat is almost dry, before applying another.

  7. I usually wait for my first coat of polish to dry before appling the secound. it is also good to wait if you want to get a perfect finish.

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