Beauty Trends for the Holiday Season

Now that Halloween is over, we have begun the official 2010 holiday season. Stores are starting to carry their holiday stuff. You may have even started hearing Christmas music at work.

Besides having some great food, fun music, twinkly lights and dinner parties, the holidays also mean a change in beauty trends.

Each year is different. This year, we have a few things to look forward to.

Pink and Purple Eye Shadow

Purple always has a place in fall and holiday makeup looks. What’s different about this year is the inclusion of pink. Pink is generally seen as a spring and summer shadow color. Most holiday looks use both pink and purple at the same time.

Here’s a good example of using both pink and purple eye shadow from the Blueberry makeup tutorial. You can also experiment with using pink and purple eyeliner in your looks for this trend.

Palettes Galore

Most beauty companies are releasing several eye shadow palettes for the holidays, more than any other year. I guess they finally realized that most of us prefer to buy our shadows in a kit rather than separately. Winking smile

Try the Sephora Collection Endless Color Blockbuster Palette ($48), the Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette ($38), the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette ($49) and more.

The cool thing about palettes is that is saves you money. You also get shadows that go well together so you don’t have to plan out your looks too much.

Red Lips

Surprised? Red lips can look good all year ‘round, but they’re most appropriate for the holidays.

This season, choose red lipsticks that have a lot of moisture since shiny red lips are the big trend for the season. You can always add a bit of clear gloss on top of your otherwise matte red lipstick for a bit of instant shine.

Smoky Eyes

Just like the red lips, this is a given. Smoky eye looks tend to be in all year ‘round. But this holiday season, try using smoky colors other than black and grey. While these colors are traditional, this year’s trends lean more toward other colors.

This orange smoky look is a good example of using other colors in a smoky eye look. Just replace the orange with the color of your choice. And since pink and purple are in this year, those work well for a smoky eye as well.

Metallic Nail Polish

While you could get away with wearing just about any nail polish color this season, this year’s trend is in metallics. Go for gold, silver or bronze.

So what should you do with all of this trend information?

Just keep it in mind. If you’re wondering what would look good for a holiday party, you really can’t go wrong with this advice. But remember, you can still get away with using beauty products and colors that don’t go along with these holiday trends.


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  1. I’m loving the pink and purple trend. And I agree, red lips are very festive and perfect for the holiday seasons. If only I could pull them off.

  2. Wow the pink and purple look great. Love the holiday looks.
    Also, I like the idea of the sets.

  3. I think red lips and smokey eyes are always a safe bet for the holidays. I love holiday makeup 🙂 probably my favorite time of the year

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