Ouidad Moisture Lock is Moisture-iffic

When you have curly hair, it’s a good idea to find a really hydrating leave in conditioner. Heck, it’s a good idea for anyone’s hair that benefits from added moisture.

Ouidad, a hair brand made specifically for those of use with curly hair, has come out with Moisture Lock, a leave-in conditioner.

Ouidad Moisture Lock uses prickly pear cactus extract, green tea, vitamin B5 and other ingredients to supposedly help lock in lightweight moisture in your hair.

Let’s see how well it does!

How do you use it?

Just like traditional leave-in conditioners, you can slather on a bit of the Moisture Lock into your towel-dried hair after showering. Ouidad also suggests a few other uses:

  • When you’re rinsing your hair, skip the shampoo and use Moisture Lock afterward to refresh hair after going to the gym.
  • Combat frizz by smoothing in some Moisture Lock to the ends of dry hair.
  • Apply Moisture Lock to your hair before bed and put it up in a pony tail on the top of your head to wake up with great Day 2 hair.

Yeah, that’s a lot of uses.

How well does it work?

ouidadMoistureLock02I tried Ouidad Moisture Lock in all of the suggested ways. As far as traditional leave-in conditioner, it works just about as well as something you’d find at a drugstore. It made my hair softer.

But the overnight application is where this really shines. My hair is notorious for looking absolutely terrible the day after washing it. It’s a tangled gross mess.

So I coated my dry hair in Moisture Lock, piled it on my head and secured it with the one lone scrunchie I found in my hair accessories box. Then I went to bed. In the morning, my hair was not nearly as tangled, frizzy or gross as it usually is.

So, Moisture Lock was great for that.

How does it smell?

Here’s something I didn’t really like about Moisture Lock. It has a very strong smell. Your head will smell of this scent all day long.

Now, I wouldn’t mind if I liked the smell. If it smelled like candy or flowers, I could be okay with that. But it smells like baby powder. Very strong baby powder. With a hint of perfume.

If you like that smell, then you’ll love this. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan.

The Final Verdict

Although I didn’t like the smell, I loved how my hair looked after using Ouidad Moisture Lock overnight. It actually helped me have good Day 2 hair. Moisture Lock does what it promises. For these reasons, I give it a…


You can pick up Ouidad Moisture Lock online or in Sephora stores for $22 for 8.5 ounces or $66 for 33.8 ounces.


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  1. Thanks for the review. I’m glad this works well for you but it’s too bad about the scent. A bad scent can really ruin everything.

  2. Hey Trisha,

    Thanks so much for writing about Ouidad! We always love feedback and are happy to hear about your curl satisfaction!

    Katie for Ouidad

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