Yummy Runts Candy Scented Nail Polish 6-Pack

Runts01Head out to the beauty sections of most discount retailers, like Ross, TJ Max and Marshall’s, and you’ll likely come across some novelty beauty products.

That happened to me recently at Ross. I picked up the Runts Candy Scented Nail Polish 6 Pack. Yes, Runts as in the fruit-flavored candy. Nail polish based on candy. Now that’s something I can get behind.

But like with most novelty products, there is a chance this doesn’t work very well. Know what that means? It’s time for a nail polish review!

How do they smell?

I don’t usually get to answer this question for nail polish. But that’s actually the point with this.

Firstly, the packaging says “Scented When Dry.” I figure that’s largely to deter people from getting high off the fumes, because the scents are most strong when they’re wet.

The candy scents last a few days, but even then, you basically have to stick them up your nose to smell them. Not cute!

But, it does smell better than the chemicals used in other nail polishes.

How do they look?

Since the 6 slightly shimmery colors in the Runts nail polish pack are so different, I’m going to review them each individually. All pictures feature 2 coats of polish.

Runts03The pink color supposedly smells like Strawberry, but that’s debatable. To me, it just smells sweet and yummy. The color is a nice pale bubblegum pink that lasted around 4 days before starting to chip. It’s also nicely opaque at only 2 coats.

Runts04This orange smells like, you guessed it, Oranges. But more like candy orange than a real orange. At 2 coats, it was slightly less opaque than the pink, and was a little bit globby. It also lasted a few days before chipping.

Runts05Yellow, scented a synthetic candy Banana (eww), is the least opaque of all the colors. It could have used one more coat. It’s also the most scented. Which is a shame for me because I hate banana-flavored candy. You may like it, though. Too bad it wasn’t lemon! This chipped after 2 or 3 days.

Runts06Green has a nice Green Apple scent. It’s also not that opaque, but still nice. This chipped after 4 days.

Runts07Blue, scented as a nice Blue Raspberry, is my favorite. This is saying a lot since blue is my least favorite color in general. But the color was great, it was the most opaque of all of them, and I liked the scent. I’ll definitely be wearing this again. This chipped after about 3 days.

Runts08Finally, we have purple. It’s a Grape scent that smells pretty awesome. The nicely opaque color goes really well with the pink polish in this scent. I think I’ll wear them both, alternating fingernails, around Easter. 4 days before chipping.

How well do they dry?

This assessment is based on 2 coats of polish.

Here’s a surprise: the most opaque colors (blue, purple, pink) dry quickly. The thinner colors (green, yellow, orange) don’t dry nearly as fast. You’d think it would be the other way around.

The Final Verdict

These nail polishes are indeed a novelty, though they looked cool when I painted each one of my fingernails a different color from the set. Blue, purple and pink are the most usable, but I’ll probably use all of them again at some point. While the scents are nice, they don’t last very long. For all of these reasons, I give Runts Candy Scented Nail Ploish 6 Pack a…


You can (hopefully) pick up this set at Ross for $3.99 on sale from $8.


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  1. The pink and blue ones are very pretty! I don’t really understand scent in nail polishes.. it’s not like people are always smelling their hands, that’s just weird. But it’s good to know they smell better than regular polishes that have a strong and unpleasant chemical smell. And I agree with you, the yellow one should have smelt like lemon instead of banana!

  2. Half-way through reading this review, I began to wonder if you ran out of fingers to paint. They look like fun colors and with the price you paid, they can’t be beat. Maybe if you want them to be less sheer, you should apply a white nail polish as a base and see how they look.

  3. @Gio: Eww. Banana. Banana candies are just gross to me. And watermelon.

    @Dao: Good idea about white nail polish! I should try that next time.

  4. I’ve always had a fascination with scented nail polishes. I remember getting one a million years ago that smelled like CK One perfume. It was a topcoat, and somehow I would smell wafts of it for a week at a time. I like the green apple one the best of these.

  5. @ Jeni: That’s awesome that you could still smell it even after a week! I didn’t get that with these Runts nail polishes

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