Stocking Stuffers: Profusion Colour Me Glow Eye Palette

Have you heard of Profusion Cosmetics? They’re a discount makeup brand kind of like e.l.f. except that they specialize in colorful eye shadow palettes (among other things).

Right now, you can find the Profusion Colour Me Glow 12 Shades Eyeshadow palettes at drug stores and big box stores. So far, I’ve seen them at Walgreens and Shopko.

And here’s the kicker: they’re only 99 cents. At least, that was the price for the one I got at Walgreens, and that wasn’t even on sale. I got 04, which features of mix of warm and cool shimmery shades, but they had a few other color varieties as well.

Because of price and smaller size (about 2 by 6 inches), they make a really nice stocking stuffer. Consider it for…

  • People who don’t have a lot of eye shadow shades.
  • Those afraid of eye shadow so you can give them an excuse to try it out.
  • Makeup lovers that don’t mind discount makeup.
  • Gals who like to travel but don’t have a lot of space in their makeup bags.

Check out some swatches!


These are the three warm colors on the left side of the palette.

The shadows are very soft and easy to apply.

P1040802And here are the six colors in the middle of the palette. (Look at that blue!)

As you can see, they aren’t as pigmented as eye shadows from more expensive brands. Still pretty decent, though.

P1040807These are the three colors on the right.

The eye shadows in the Profusion Colour Me Glow palette are decent, soft and easy to apply. While they aren’t pigmented like you’d find with Stila or Urban Decay, they’re good for the price and a nice stocking stuffer. That’s why I give it a…


Check around your local drug stores and big box stores for these palettes. You’ll likely find them in the gift/holiday makeup kit sections of the store.


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  1. mmm, while that’s certainly a good deal, I think I would prefer to buy the Wet n’ Wild palettes. They’re more expensive than these, but still very cheap, and the pigmentation seems to be better.

  2. Wet N Wild is pretty awesome, I agree. I think if this palette was by Wet N Wild and they had made the shadows instead, it would have gotten an A or A+.

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