Stocking Stuffers: Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Fragrance

There’s a week and a half until Christmas. Have you bought everything for those you love yet?

Luckily, there’s still time.

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Fragrance is perfect for…

  • Teens that like to be trendy.
  • Those that like cute things, even if they’re adults (ahem, me).
  • People who like to smell sweet and fruity.
  • Girls who like whimsical stuff and adorable, colorful packaging.
  • Fans of Japan.

It comes in two sizes perfect for a Christmas stocking: 0.33oz for $30 and 1oz for $45.

Harajuku Lovers is most known for their characters. I tried “G”, who is a blonde, pig-tailed fashionista.

HJLWicked02The “G” version of Wicked Style smells fruity, like melon and green apple. They have other characters to choose, from though, each with their unique style.

Harajuku-Lovers-Wicked-StyleLove smells fruity and floral with a bit of a woody scent. Notes of nectarine and orangeflower.

Lil’ Angel is floral and a little sultry. Notes of succulent plum, blooming lotus and satin wood.

Music smells woody and floral, with notes of apple, jasmine and cedar.

Baby smells like warm vanilla with floral accents. Notes in white peach, amber and plumeria.

Choose the character that best fits your giftee!

HJLWicked03To use the fragrance, you pull off the character from the top. One spritz of this and I was smelling great. Two spritzes may be a bit too much.

The best thing I like about this fragrance is that it doesn’t have that musky perfume-y scent that most other fragrances have. The notes are pure and are perfect for young people or the young at heart.

With all of this in mind, I give Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style fragrance in “G” a…


You can pick up any of these perfumes at Sephora or fine department stores.


Photo credit: Harajuku Lovers

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  1. I find these fragrances too sweet for my taste but I’m tempted to get one anyway just for the packaging. It is too cute!

  2. omg the bottles are all super cute 😀 the fragrances I’ve smelled are just ok though, they aren’t really my style

  3. You’re right, ladies, these are really sweet. I guess I tend to like slightly child-like scents… Sweet for me!

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