How Many Nail Polishes Do You Own?

I’m giving my nails a break from polish for a week or two. Ever since I started wearing nail polish all the time, my nails have started splitting. Sad!

But, of course, I still love polish. I realized today that I have a lot more of them than I thought. Which prompts me to ask: how many nail polishes do you have?

Count ‘em up and answer the poll below:

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My answer: I counted 43 nail polishes, though there could be a few lying randomly around my apartment.

Some are kind of old, though. I should go through everything to make sure it’s still good. And, for that matter, so should you.

I hope you’re having a great week!


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  1. I counted 32 but I’ve recently becomed obsessed with nail polishes so I think my collection will grow a lot more soon lol.

  2. I haven’t counted but the last time I did, it was around mid-30s. Now, I probably have closer to 40 nail polishes. It is so easy to get new nps. I can exert self-control to makeup but when it comes to nail polishes, self-control is out of the door!

  3. uh oh…I’m scared to count. Just a few months ago, my polish collection was the tiniest part of my makeup stash. Now it’s grown…a lot. *runs to count* ok I have 56 bottles *gulp* that includes my multiple base and topcoats though.

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  5. I don’t even want to count because it’s embarrassing. I put mine in shoeboxes. I have three shoeboxes that had my son’s shoes in them, he wears size 12 mens, these are big boxes. One box had my shoes in them, I wear size 8 1/2 womens, still kind of big. Each box is completely full and I have overflow on one of the shelves of my desk and a table behind me. Oh good lord, I just counted the overflow on the desk shelf, that alone is 44 and there is 21 on the table behind me. So 65 and 4 shoeboxes full. I think I like nail polish! lol

    The scary part? I just got interested in wearing any kind of cosmetics April/May of last year. I had a total of 3 nail polishes, old old nail polishes, back then. I’ve gotten all of this in what, nine months?

  6. i have over 200 cos i love em

  7. I recently just organized my nail polish collection and counted 129 bottles of polish (and still growing). yikes!!!

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