I Broke Down and Bought Concealer

I haven’t owned any type of concealer since junior high. At the time, I’d slather the stuff under my eyes before swiping on a thick line of jet black liquid eyeliner.

Times changed, and I stopped using the stuff. I’ve just never felt like I needed it.

But, lately, I’ve had the urge to try it again. Not only did I want to see if I needed it now, I also felt obligated as a beauty blogger.

Since Walgreen’s was having a 50% off sale on Wet N Wild recently, I purchased the Wet N Wild Cover All Stick in Medium.

This picture is a little wonky. In real life, the stick is a bit lighter – not nearly this dark.

WNWCoverAllStick02Swatches! On the left is a pure swatch of the Cover All Stick, and I blended it on the right. You can see that it blends to almost non-existence. Good thing, right?

But you can’t really get a good idea unless you try it for real.

WNWCoverAllStick03Behold, my eye without makeup. You rarely see that on Makeup Files!

For the picture on the right, I blended the Wet N Wild Cover All Stick under my eye. Can you see the difference?

Yeah, I really can’t either.

Basically, my eye looks a bit brighter on the right, with a few spots and veins covered up. It alo seems to work best at covering the darkness at the inside corner of my eye. But wait – do my wrinkles look more prominent?! That can’t be a good thing.

I’ll have to experiment with this some more.

I don’t regret my purchase. Wet N Wild Cover All Sticks retail for $1.99, but I got it half off on sale. And hey, if I can look just a tad better with very little effort, that’s a good thing, right?


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  1. I’m sorry this didn’t work for you. Yeah, I can’t really see much of a difference in the before and after pictures, what a shame! At least it was very cheap.

  2. Yeah, it’s a shame, though I may be doing it wrong. Perhaps blending too much. Only time and practice will tell.

  3. I find that stick concealers are the worst, they just don’t go on right or blend right, with my last stick concealer it was almost like it wanted to stick more to my fingers than my face! Every time I dabbed more would come off onto my fingers.

    If you have a CVS nearby, they are having their semi annual beauty sale with lots of things 50-75% off. I picked up a couple of concealers I want to try for super cheap, Maybelline’s Dream Mousse concealer is 50% off, and Revlon’s Age Defying concealer is 75% off. Physician’s Formula had a couple of concealers on sale 75% off too, Conceal RX was one and Circle something was another. Anyway, you might want to drop in there for a chance to try a few products cheaply!

  4. Thanks for the tip, Donna! I happen to have a CVS nearby. I totally need to go over there. You’re a gem!

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