19 Cents: A Bargain?

I was at Shopko recently, buying more soda mix flavors for my SodaStream home soda machine, when I came across their holiday makeup kits on super clearance.

Among the cheap lip balms and toe separators, I found an eye shadow quad by The Color Workshop. Though it retails for $1.99, they had it on sale for 19 cents.

At first, I didn’t want to get it. I’m not going to lie: it looked cheap. But then I couldn’t get my mind off those 19 cents. That’s barely anything. So I bought it.

But was it worth it?

This quad comes in a plastic case with 4 shades (white, pink, grey, black) and two applicators.

Right away, I could tell that the packaging was made with inexpensive materials. It feels like it could break if I just looked at it wrong.

While packaging is important, the real test is the eye shadow quality.

19cents02The swatches look decent. But guess what? It took a lot of eye shadow to get them to be this pigmented. It wasn’t just one swipe. No, siree.

The white and pink seemed to be of the lowest quality. They weren’t super pigmented and they didn’t blend well.

The grey and black were a little better in terms of application and color payoff.

So? Was it worth 19 cents?

Good question! The original price for The Color Workshop quad was $1.99. At that price, it’s not worth it a all. You can get better eye shadow from Wet N Wild and NYC for the same price.

But at 19 cents, it could be worth it, under certain conditions. Get something like this if you…

  • Don’t have a lot of makeup to choose from.
  • Don’t have much money to spare.
  • Don’t own pink eye shadow and are curious if it looks good on you.
  • Need these colors in a portable quad.
  • Don’t mind cheap makeup.

For me? I might use the black again, but probably not the other colors. I have these in much better quality from other brands.


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  1. I saw The Color Workshop all the time but never bought anything because I was afraid of the lack of pigmentation. Thanks to your post, I’m not going to buy it, full price or not.

  2. Yeah.. I figured anyone who visits my blog regularly probably wouldn’t like it.

  3. I was given one of their palettes as a gift a few years ago but I wasn’t too impressed with the quality, the eyeshadows were very sheer and just poor. It’s sad to know that their products haven’t improved. Thanks for the review.

  4. I’m pretty sure that The Color Workshop is made by Markwins, could you check your palette and see? Because Markwins makes Wet n Wild, Black Radiance, and Tropez. They also made Calvin Klein’s makeup line when he had one! The Color Workshop stuff is hit or miss, I’ve had both good and bad products, but usually do take advantage of the after holiday sales to pick up some cheap. I didn’t this year since I mostly got makeup for Christmas presents and definitely didn’t need anymore.

  5. Donna: Yep, they’re made by Markwins. If you click the “The Color Workshop” link at the top of this post, you can see who makes them. I had no idea Markwins made all of those different brands! It seems like they really reserve their top quality ingredients for some brands and not others.

  6. They really do, because there is no doubting the quality of WnW, Tropez, or Black Radiance. All of those the eyeshadows have wonderful pigmentation and lasting power. If I had to I’d give up all other brands of eyeshadow I own as long as I could just keep my WnW ColorIcon palettes. I love WnW. So it’s odd that these shadows are duds.

  7. wow, the bargains you find amaze me! Still, I don’t think I would get these. Un-pigmented shadows bug me, especially like you said, when there are things like Wet n’ Wild out there

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