Vote for Makeup Files for 2011 Top Beauty Blog!

I’m just brimming with excitement. Brimming with it!

I got the news today that Makeup Files is a finalist for the 2011 Top Beauty Blog Contest. A finalist!

Now that they picked the top 6 finalists, the true winner is up to a vote.

I repeat: the winner is up to votes.

So if you appreciate all the advice, reviews and tutorials I’ve given over the last 3 years, and have been wondering how to show your affection, you can totally vote for Makeup Files to win Top Beauty Blog! (and, here’s a hint: you can vote once a day!)

Vote for Makeup Files here.

On the voting page, click “Vote for this blog” next to Makeup Files. And, if you’re on Facebook, click the “Like” button right there as well.

And here’s a virtual cookie for all of your troubles:


Eeek! I hope I win!


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  1. That’s great! Good luck!

    Just voted. 😉

  2. I voted! I hope you’ll win!

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