Apartment Gnome Was Wondering…

Apartment Gnome has a request. See, he heard that Makeup Files was up for Beautyschool.com’s Top Beauty Blog Contest, and he was pissed at me for not hounding you guys every day for votes.

I said to him, “I think they’d get annoyed by that pretty fast.”

But he wouldn’t listen, so we made a compromise. I promised him I’d remind you all one more time about the voting.

See, Beautyschool.com picked 6 finalists, Makeup Files being one of them. Now they leave it up to votes to choose the winner.

Click here to go vote for Makeup Files (or any of the others—but that would make Apartment Gnome cry). There are two ways to vote:

  1. Click the “Like” button. This will make you “like” Makeup Files to win. It’s linked to your Facebook account and you can only do this once. This is also the only number that shows up on the page to indicate how well I’m doing. (And, by “Likes” alone, I’m currently in second place.) If you don’t see the “like” button, refresh the page. It should pop up.
  2. Click the “Vote for this blog” button. It’s blue and right next to the Makeup Files entry. And best of all, you can click this every day. Every day!

The voting ends March 14th, so you still have plenty of days to show your love and support for Makeup Files.

Apartment Gnome says “Thanks!”


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