Samy Skyscraper Volumizing Hairspray Video Review

This is rare! I actually made a video review for something.

Normally, I’d just write out a post right here on Makeup Files and spell out exactly what I liked or didn’t like about a product. But since Samy Skyscraper Volumizing Hairspray boasts that it adds volume to your hair, I decided to make a video so you could see the before and after results.

Watch the video, you cool cats:

Thus, I gave Samy Skyscraper Volumizing Hairspray a…


You can pick it up at drug stores and big box stores like Walmart and Target (yes, I just verified that to be true) for $6.99 suggested retail price.


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  1. Great video Trisha! I like seeing the before and after. It makes me want to try it.

  2. Awesome, I’m liking the video review format! You should do another one soon 🙂

  3. I have terribly stubborn fine thin hair and have tried and spent so much on volumizing, thickening, root lifting creams, mouseses,sprays,lotions and potions. And oh do I have the packed bathroom cabinet to prove it!! From $5.00 ranging to $35.00 for a meager 2.5 fl oz bottle Ive tried em all. Its always tough for me to find something that will give me volume, root lift, general managability and hold esp against the humidity in the summer. A great deal of products worked just as claimed until I would leave the house and my results expired before my eyes.What I have found most annoying about products in this catagory esp the mousses and spray gels is that they make your hair feel coated and gross, then about 3 hrs later your hair looks even thinner and worse that ever because its being weighed down by the product. For at least myself I have noticed most hairstyling products do not help fine thin hair’s apperance at all except for good old fashioned hairspray at the root.

    If you think of it hairspray is logically the lightest of hairstyling products with the most hold and flexability. Shielo’s Volume Hairspray realy fits the bill for me. You can use this on wet hair as a styling aid, you just have to combe it out first, spray it on damp roots before you blow dry.Fantastic volume that lasts more than 15min.

    I roller set, curling iron, and touch up with a flat iron on occasion with the Shielo Volume Hairspray – and love the results,next day hair feels great too which is rare for me. The smell is a little vanilla cotton candyish, but not enough to be an issue and dissapates quickly. Ive since thrown out and given away the rest of my hairstyling stuff as Shielo’s Volume hairspray has turned into my go to product.

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