My eBooks Now For Amazon Kindle Plus Price Reduction

Two big things are happening today.

First, I’m reducing the price for my two ebooks: The Complete Eyebrow Guide and The 30 Day Ultimate Beauty Makeover. They’re now only $4.99. That’s quite a bit less than before!

Secondly, and even more awesome, you can now get these books on Amazon for the Amazon Kindle, in addition to the old PDF way. Hurray!

(Don’t have an Amazon Kindle? You can still read Kindle books on other devices for free, including the PC, iPod, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.)

Oh, you didn’t know I wrote some books? Here’s the info:

With The Complete Eyebrow Guide, you’ll learn everything you need in order to get the best possible eyebrows for your unique face shape. Learn about how to find the best shape eyebrows, about eyebrow trends and how to pluck or wax those bushy brows.

You’ll also learn how to use beauty products to make your brows look even better. And if you’ve got a man in your life that’s sporting a unibrow, there’s even a section on men’s eyebrow maintenance.

The Complete Eyebrow Guide is $4.99. Buy it in PDF form (along with a bonus book), or for the Amazon Kindle.

Want a better you, inside and out, in only 30 days? Just follow the assignments in The 30 Day Ultimate Beauty Makeover and you’ll see a difference. You’ll feel better about yourself on the inside and look even prettier on the outside.

Each day gives you in-depth tips for the subject of the moment. Do the day’s assignment to apply what you’ve learned. And if you’re feeling really brave, do the day’s extra credit as well.

Here are some sample days:

  • Day 2: Finding the Right Foundation for Your Face
  • Day 8: Find Out Your Season
  • Day 11: Sculpt the Perfect Eyebrows
  • Day 15: Get Rid of Negative Things in Your Life
  • Day 27: Surround Yourself With People You Love

The 30 Day Ultimate Beauty Makeover is $4.99. Buy it in PDF form or for the Amazon Kindle.

Have a great Wednesday! I know I am.


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  1. wow thats amazing! weell done you for book out! i shal have a sneekk peak of it 🙂 xx

  2. Wow, I had no idea you wrote books! That’s awesome, and I especially like the sound of the second one 🙂

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