One Day Left to Vote for Makeup Files

The voting for the contest for Top Beauty Blog is almost over. That means that there’s one more day to vote for Makeup Files.

Have you done that yet? Because, you know, you can vote every day.

The contest technically ends tomorrow (Monday), but I’m not sure if you can vote that day as well. In the off-chance you can, you should totally vote then, too.

As you may remember, there are two ways to vote, once you’re on the voting page:

  1. Click the “Like” button. This will make you “like” Makeup Files to win. It’s linked to your Facebook account and you can only do this once. This is also the only number that shows up on the page to indicate how well I’m doing. (And, by “Likes” alone, I’m currently in second place.) If you don’t see the “like” button, refresh the page. It should pop up.
  2. Click the “Vote for this blog” button. It’s blue and right next to the Makeup Files entry. This one you can do every day until the end of the contest.

Thanks, guys! I hope you’re having a great weekend.


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