How Often Do You Wear Lipstick?

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Lipstick is one of those beauty staples that everyone knows about but people rarely talk about. I mean, what’s there to say?

But with the other lip alternatives (gloss, balm, bare lips), it got me wondering how often people actually use the stuff.

Riddle me this:

My answer: Maybe a day or two a week, and that’s being generous (even though I own a ton of lipstick, as evidenced by the picture above). Most of the time, I let my lips go bare. And if I put something on them, it’s usually balm or gloss. I figure I do such dramatic eye looks, the lips should play second fiddle anyway.

In fact, I wear it so infrequently that I devoted an entire week to lipstick in the early days of Makeup Files, just to get out of my comfort zone. Maybe I should do that again! Would you join me?

Do you have a reason for your answer to the poll? (Hate lipstick, for instance?) Chat about it in the comments below!


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  1. i have very sensitive skin and lips, and any lipsticks or glosses dry and crack my lips :( so i only use a lip balm, but i’m quite lucky that i have quite red lips anyway so i don’t need any lip make-up 😀

  2. I have never been a huge lipstick fan (I just prefer glosses) and I used to wear it a couple of times a month. But since I bough the Sleek True Color Lipstick in Rose Petal I wear it almost everyday. It’s a beautiful and soft antique rose pink that just goes well with any look and is so pigmented too!

    • Sleek really does seem to have awesome makeup. I have to try them out sometime! Though, I have been saying that for a while now…

  3. I wear lipstick almost every day. I love gloss just as much, but don’t wear it very much in the winter b/c of the wind.

  4. I haven’t worn lipstick in a few years. I constantly wear Chapstick and lip gloss, which I am addicted to, and I like the fact you don’t need a mirror to apply them. However this week I bought a bright pink lipstick because I thought I missed wearing lipstick. I am going to try to wear it more, but I am so lazy!

    • Well, then this poll was kind of good timing then, huh? Also, good choice on color. I bet bright pink will look good on you.

  5. I wear once or twice a week since my lipsticks are very moisturizing. I can’t wear dry and waxy lipsticks, though. Mine feel like lip balm.

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