Degree Expert Protection With motionSENSE Keeps You on the Move

We all know how deodorant and antiperspirant work. As we sweat, we (hopefully) smell better. Good for everyone!

Well, Degree Women has decided to turn the whole notion on its head. Instead of creating traditional deodorant/antiperspirant that keeps you evenly scented throughout the day, their new Expert Protection with motionSENSE is crafted for ladies on the move.

Instead, the scent is supposed to kick up a notch when you get moving. It’s motion-activated! Or so they say.

I wanted to test out the validity of the claim, so I thought of the two things that get me moving the most: exercising and dancing.

I decided to combine them.

The Sitting-Quietly Test

Before I could start dancing around, I needed to test Expert Protection with motionSENSE without moving around. So, after a quick shower, I applied the invisible solid deodorant and waited.

degreeMotionSENSE02I’m testing the Fresh Energy version of this deodorant/antiperspirant. It has a flowery, sweet scent with a very subtle scent of baby powder. As I sat still for 30 minutes, I found the scent delicate and nice.

Once 30 minutes wer up, it was time to get moving.

The Motion Test

To combine exercise and dancing, I threw in the Dance off the Inches: Hip Hop Party DVD.

Oh yeah, there was a whole lot of hip swaying and arm flailing to a hip hop beat. Besides feeling like my abs were on fire, I was also coated in sweat.

To be more accurate, my face was coated in sweat, and my underarms only had a little bit of moisture. While Expert Protection with motionSENSE didn’t fully prevent sweat under my arms, it did cut it down quite a bit.

And as for the motionSENSE scent growing stronger with movement? Well, I did notice that the baby powder portion of the scent got stronger. So, after I moved to the groove, the smelled morphed into baby powder with a hint of flowers, instead of the other way around like before.

Also, the scent was only a tad stronger after movement. A tad. But you know, it’s pretty cool to smell so good after a workout/dance marathon. You don’t always get that with deodorant/antiperspirant.

For those who limit what they put under their arms, here’s the ingredients:


The Final Verdict

Since the baby powder scent grew stronger with motion, I can confidently say that the motionSENSE does what it promises, albeit only a tad. But since it smells good and works well at preventing sweat, I recommend this for ladies that move around a lot. That’s why I give the Degree Expert Protection with motionSENSE deodorant/antiperspirant a…


You can pick up this deodorant in Fresh Energy and a few other scents at drug stores and big box stores (It’s only in some stores now but should be everywhere in coming weeks) for $4.16 suggested retail price.


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  1. Sounds good, I’ll have to try it!

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