How to Get Easy Bumped Bangs – Video Tutorial

Bumped up bangs are super in right now. They can be a chic look for a special event, or just a sassy way to pull back your bangs into a ponytail when at the gym.

Most of the time, we’re told that bumped bangs (or what I call “pomped bangs”) can only be created using a lot of teasing, hair products, and maybe some Bumpits.

I have news for you: you don’t need any of that crap to pomp—or bump—your bangs. All you need is…

  • A brush.
  • Some bobby pins.

That’s it. I’m serious!

If you want to pomp your bangs (or “fringe” for my European readers), you can follow this totally awesome tutorial video I made for YouTube.

See? Easy.

Now go bump up you bangs! It’ll look cool, I promise.


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  1. That looks so cool! thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Wow, good video! It looks alot easier than I though
    I’ll have to get some Bobbie pins.

  3. omg I do this all the time for fencing! hehe thanks for the awesome vid 🙂 I like how you just pulled those BumpIts out loll!

  4. I like the way you call it: “pomp the bang” is cute! BumpIts don’t work for me since my hair is really straight. If you go to dollar store, you can get their version for $1 and those actually work a lot better than BumpIts imho.

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