Get Ready for the Red Carpet With the Stila Glamour Goddess Palette

Stila Cosmetics has paired up with E! to create a line of makeup that rivals the beauty being strutted down the red carpet. The Stila Cosmetics E! Live From the Red Carpet line consists of eye shadow palettes to create a star-studded look.

I recently got to try the Glamour Goddess Palette ($25).

stilaRedCarpet02Glamour Goddess comes with both a palette (featuring eye shadow, highlighter and lip/cheek tint) and a nice brown eyeliner. You’ve got almost everything here to create a full makeup look. All you need is an applicator (I like eye shadow brushes) and mascara.

stilaRedCarpet03The palette has 6 eye shadow colors for 2 different looks. You can see that some are super shimmery and others are matte.

They list each shade as base, crease or lid, to help you out with application. Personally, I preferred using my own rules for where they went. For instance, I really liked “Star” in the crease, rather than the lid.

stilaRedCarpet04Then, they have the all over shimmer (my favorite thing in the palette) and the convertible color for lip and cheek. You can use both separately or each in the same look.

stilaRedCarpet05The Stila E! Live From the Red Carpet palettes each come with a different add-on. Glamour Goddess comes with a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Lionfish. It’s a deep, dark chocolaty brown.

These pictures are helpful and all, but nothing beats swatches!

stilaRedCarpet06Here are all 6 shadows. You can see that each group of three looks similarly, though they vary in shimmer. These were very smooth and easy to apply. The colors are fairly neutral, so these are perfect for those that like brown and tan eye shadow looks.

stilaRedCarpet07Check out that all over shimmer on the left. Shiny! I liked adding this to the tops of my cheeks for some brightness. A little bit goes a long way. It’s awesome and easy to apply with fingers.

The lip/cheek color on the right is also nice, though I prefer it on my cheeks rather than my lips. The color stands out better as a blush.

And, the eyeliner. They really named it right. This stuff is very waterproof. You’ll need a good makeup remover to get it off. But it’s smooth and easy to apply, so it made up for it.

The Final Verdict

I’ve tried out these shadows in a few different looks and I liked them. They aren’t as bold as what I’m used to, but I realize most people don’t do as dramatic eye makeup as I do. It’s also nice having nearly everything you need in a makeup look in one palette. Plus, that all over shimmer rocks my world. For these reasons, I give the Stila Glamour Goddess Palette a…


You can pick up this palette and others from the E! Live From the Red Carpet Collection on Stila’s official website for $25.


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  1. That’s a lovely palette to have for those that love natural looks. I’m not into those shades but I love the packaging, it’s so pretty!

    • Yeah, neutral is not as big a deal to me, either, but at least these applied really well. I know I’ll use them for conservative looks. And, frankly, I’ll use the all over shimmer all the time.

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