Showing Off the Pixi Week of Wakeup Makeup Box

I tell ya, I’ve been really impressed with Pixi’s eye shadows so far. So when I heard about their new Week of Wakeup Makeup Box, I was hella excited. I mean it.

You see, most people get stuck in a makeup rut. They do the same ol’ colors every day. They rarely break away from the mold. So Pixi came up with the Week of Wakeup Makeup, the answer to all stuck-in-a-rut prayers.

It comes with a completely different makeup look for each day of the week.

This big, heavy box comes with a lid on the top and two pull-out trays on each side.

pixiWakeupWeek02On the left tray, you’ve got makeup for Monday and Tuesday. These days each have 3 eye shadows and 1 blush, and they share a lip gloss.

pixiWakeupWeek03In the main middle section, you’ve got Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Each day has 3 eye shadows, 1 big blush and 2 lip glosses.

pixiWakeupWeek04On the right tray, you’ve got looks for Saturday and Sunday with 3 eye shadows, 1 blush each, and 1 lip gloss shared between them.

That’s a total of 21 eye shadows, 7 blushes and 8 lip glosses.

Now, normally I would show off some swatches of everything, but I’m going to do you one better.

Instead, I did a full face for each of the corresponding days. I applied everything in the exact same way for each day. I put the lightest eye shadow at the inside corner and up around to under the eyebrow, the medium shadow on the lid, and the darkest in the crease.

The blushes were applied to my cheeks and where there were two lip glosses, I combined them.

I also changed up the eyeliner and mascara for a bit of variety.  Check it out!




Getting’s slightly smoky on Tuesday.


I look tired, but it’s not the makeup’s fault. I just really needed a nap.


I wasn’t expecting the icy bluish silvers of Thursday to look good on me, but they totally did. And that lip gloss was awesome!


Those purples really matched my top.


Getting pretty neutral, here.


Who would have thought that the tamest makeup would be reserved for the weekend?

The Final Verdict

I think the Pixi Week of Wakeup Makeup box is awesome. It really gives you a wide range of looks and it’s perfect for those in a makeup rut or for gals who have no idea what to do when it comes to color. I’d say the only downside is that the box is big, heavy and clunky. It wouldn’t fit in most purses. I’m honestly not sure where I’m going to store this as it doesn’t fit in my big drawer storage chest full of eye shadow.

Still, everything applies really well. With all this in consideration, I give this makeup box a…


You can pick this up at Target or on Pixi’s website for $34.


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  1. I love the concept and the shades are very pretty and wearable. I love the looks you did with it.

  2. Wednesday and Thursday are my favorite looks! Love the concept, but I’m not a big fan of palettes where they store cream and powder products together.

    • Yeah, I don’t like mixing powder and cream, either. That’s usually a big, BIG no-no for me, but I’m not sure how else they could have done this palette.

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