Check Out This Super Awesome Black French Manicure

As I was making my way through the labiryth that is the Internet, I stumbled on this super super awesome black French manicure. Check it out! It’s from The Trendy Girl and you can see more pictures if you go to the site.

I WISH I did something that cool. Super chic and awesome. Matte black polish for the nail and shiny black polish for the tip. Could anything be cooler?

The website seems to be all in French, so I have no idea what’s going on. But it can’t be denied: that French manicure is awesome.


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  1. Ohh I love it! It’s so pretty and chic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OOH love this! Thanks for sharing, I’m bookmarking this right away so I can attempt it soon.

  3. I love this look! I can’t wait to have it done. I don’t think I could do it myself, but it’s so awesome.Thank you Makeup files, You Rock!

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