Getting Tan With Xen-Tan E! Live From the Red Carpet Perfect Blend Self Tanner

You’ve gotta know by now: the only safe tan is a fake tan. No direct sun. No tanning beds. If you want that golden brown hue without the chance of cancer, you’ve gotta use the fake stuff.

Now that it’s inching ever closer to summer, it’s the perfect time to start a fake tan.

And, since I like a good tan, myself, I decided to try the new tanner from Xen-Tan.

The Xen-Tan E! Live From the Red Carpet Perfect Blend self tanner is in the same E! line as the Stila palette I reviewed recently. All to get that red carpet look.

How does it work?

The cool thing about the Xen-Tan Perfect Blend is that you’re completely in charge of how tan you get. There are two sections to the bottle: self-tanner and bronzer.

The self-tanner is a white lotion that slowly turns your skin a darker color through the day. That tan lasts for a week or two.

The bronzer is temporary and is a dark, shimmery color. Basically, it’s a bronzer for your body. It washes off the next time you bathe.

xenTanPerfectBlend02You get to choose how much of each you use. All self-tanner? All bronzer? Some of each? Totally up to you. Just turn the top of the bottle to your desired mixture and pump the mix into your hand.

Then you just smooth it over your skin like you would any self-tanner.

How does it smell?

I hate the scent of most self-tanners. They have that sort of dirty and slightly chemical smell.

Good thing is, that dirty scent is drastically reduced in the Xen-Tan Perfect Blend. It smells a lot better than any other self-tanners I’ve used.

The product info says it has a “cucumber-melon scent.” I wouldn’t say that. But, at the very least, it doesn’t smell bad.

How well does it work?

When I first tried it, I set it to 50/50 tanner and bronzer. This got me dark pretty well. There was very little streaking.

Since I wanted more of a semi-permanent tan than the wash-off bronzer supplies, the next time I switched it to mostly tanner with just a little bit of bronzer. This was much better for me.

Xen-Tan Perfect Blend didn’t turn me orange. Success! It had a slightly yellow tinge to the brown of the tan, but it wasn’t unpleasant at all.

The tanner lasts a long time. I was still tan for about a week and a half after the last time I used it. Another good thing: It works on your face. I used it there and ended up with a nice, realistic tan.

One downside: Since you have the choice of how much tanner and bronzer you use, if you don’t want that much tanner, you’re going to be covering yourself in dark bronzer. In a way, I’d rather they had tanner and regular lotion, instead of tanner and bronzer. That way, you have better control over how dark you are.

The Final Verdict

I liked it! I’m definitely going to keep using it over the spring and summer. Though I liked the variable shade with tanner and bronzer, the bronzer gets really dark when you use only a little bit of self-tanner. And the scent isn’t exactly what they promised. Still, I was happy with the nice brown, head-to-toe tan. For these reasons, I give Xen-Tan E! Live From the Red Carpet Perfect Blend self-tanner a…


You can pick this up at Ulta, Nordstrom or Amazon for $43.


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  1. I remember you talking about this over Twitter! And guess what? The self-tanner I was testing (different brand) has exactly the same design LOL! It’s split into moisturizer and self-tanner though. I’m glad to hear this works well for you. And even though you would THINK everyone knows the only safe tan is a fake tan by now…it is unfortunately untrue.

  2. I first heard about Xen-Tan last week when someone was talking about it on Facebook. It was a different product than this one, but it had me intrigued because it had a greenish color to it to neutralize any orange that happens with some self-tanners. Anyway, I am dying to try Xen-Tan because the brand seems to get really good reviews (but it’s more expensive than drugstore stuff).

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