Nutrisystem Nation Week 8 Results in Pounds and Inches

I’m getting a late start today. In fact, I just finished my breakfast, and it’s already 12:15 PM.

Speaking of breakfast, I had some really yummy NS Blueberry Flavored Pancakes. It’s cool because it’s just like regular pancake mix. You add milk and drop the mix on a hot pan. I got 3 good-sized pancakes out of it. I also had grapes and a glass of milk on the side. Yeah, that’s a good breakfast.

nutrisystemLogoToday marks the end of my 8th week on Nutrisystem. That means I’ve been on the plan for just about 2 months.

That’s a big deal.

And that also means that I’m halfway done with Nutrisystem, since they’re sponsoring me for 4 months.

And these two months have flown right by.

But, you’re not here to listen to me go on and on about months and stuff. You’re here for the weigh-in. I don’t blame you. That’s the exciting part. So here it is:

I lost 1 pound this week! That brings my total to 24 pounds lost in 8 weeks. Not too shabby! And that’s better than I hoped for, since my original goal was 10 pounds each month.

I’ve also been keeping track of my measurements from the beginning. This is the first time I’ve posted them here though. These are the changes in the past 8 weeks:

  • Upper Arms: –2.25 inches
  • Chest: –6 inches
  • Waist: –0.75 inches
  • Hips: –3 inches
  • Thighs: –2.5 inches

Check out how much smaller my chest got! I’m not surprised, though. I tend to lose weight from the top down. You can see a big difference so far in my arms, chest and shoulders. The rest of me will catch up.

Still, that’s a total of 14.5 inches lost. That’s huge!

Yeah, I’m proud of myself.

Here’s my progress from week to week:

  • Week 1: –6.4 pounds
  • Week 2: –2.4 pounds (-8.8 total)
  • Week 3: –3.8 pounds (-12.6 total)
  • Week 4: –2.4 pounds (-15.0 total)
  • Week 5: –3.0 pounds (-18.0 total)
  • Week 6: –1.6 pounds (-19.6 total)
  • Week 7: –3.4 pounds (-23.0 total)
  • Week 8: –1.0 pounds (-24.0 total)

I hope you’re having as much success in your own endeavors. I believe in you.

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.


PS: Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting the Nutrisystem website.

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  1. Wow girl, you are doing awesome! Doesn’t it go by fast? I’m sad that it will be ending soon, but happy with my progress, especially the inches 🙂

  2. Wow Trisha! You are doing so great. That’s alot of inches too.

  3. I’m really glad that you were able to surpass your goal! Keep on trucking 🙂 That breakfast sounds sooo yummy…I don’t think I’ve had pancakes since I was a kid. P.S. went on my first run in forever today HAHHAH ran for like 5 minutes and was totally winded. I guess I’ll have to build up slowly! I never used to run more than a mile a day anyways, I can’t believe I have friends who call 3 miles an “easy run”

    • Yay! You went running!

      Yeah, I envy those people who can bust out a 5 mile run and not even be sweaty or out of breath. They’re in some darn good shape.

  4. Thats amazing! Seems we are both almost on the same track 🙂 Thanks for coming by and commenting, I totally think you should get the Active 2 game, so much fun and if you push yourself, you’ll lose 🙂 I absolutely love it and have been recommending it to my friends! 🙂 I’m curious, have you been exercising while on Nutrisystem too? You’ve had great numbers every week.

    • Thanks, Ai Mei!

      Yep, I’ve been exercising, although that’s just constituted walking around the neighborhood or through parks. I just haven’t been in the mood to do some hardcore exercise routine.

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