10 Ways to Break Through the Gloom and Start Feeling Good About Yourself

It’s been raining a lot lately. Normally that would make me happy, and it has, but I’ve been in this gloomy sort of mood that’s been hard to shake.

I like having Makeup Files, because when I’m going through something, I can help myself by helping my readers. That’s how I came up with the 26 Mantras for Powerful Self-Esteem last year.

I talk about inner beauty and self-esteem a lot. It’s great to have them both, but even the most self-loving women out there have their dark days. I do, anyway, and I’m normally brimming with self-esteem.

So, what could help on those gloomy dark days? Where all you can think of doing is sitting and staring out the window or watching some lame show on TV that you don’t even care about?

I’m here to help you (and me) figure it out.

10 Ways to Break Through Your Gloomy Mood and Start Feeling Good About Yourself Again

  1. Make a list of what you like about yourself. Separate it into sections, such as “inner beauty,” “outer beauty,” and “social beauty.” Look over this whenever you feel the gloom creeping in.
  2. Do your makeup in the most colorful and out-there look you can conceive. Bright yellow and pink eye shadow? Awesome! How about a rainbow eye shadow look? Take a picture of your bright, smiling face and show off your new makeup look on your Facebook wall. Watch the compliments pour in. (And you can even post them on the Makeup Files Facebook page! I’d love to see what you can do.)
  3. Take a picture of your favorite thing. It could be a person, animal or an object. The arches of your church. The willow tree in your backyard. Set the picture as your computer’s desktop wallpaper so you can see it all the time.
  4. Ask your close friends what they think your most positive attributes are. You might be surprised by the answers. Often we have a very narrow view of how we see ourselves and who we are. Getting an outside opinion really opens our eyes. Now, do the same for your friends.
  5. Get out of the house. Even if the weather is just as gloomy as you feel, that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside. Bundle up, throw on a hoodie, or bust out your favorite colorful umbrella. Walk around the neighborhood or window shop the stores downtown. Fresh air will do you some good.
  6. Turn off the TV. If you’re feeling gloomy, watching television is often one of the only things that you feel like doing. But it’s not really good for you. Instead, take a long bubble bath or do your nails in a funky color. Most anything is better than being a couch potato.
  7. Read a self-help book. It might give you the motivation you need to bring you out of the gloom. I like Awaken the Giant Within and You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls. You could also try one of the beauty-related books I wrote that are available in Kindle format: The Complete Eyebrow Guide and The 30 Day Ultimate Beauty Makeover. Apply what you learned in your favorite self-help book.
  8. Help someone out in need. Whether you’re just handing a dollar to a beggar on the corner or volunteering at a soup kitchen. When you focus on helping others, there’s a nice side effect of feeling better about yourself.
  9. Smile. Even if you don’t feel very happy and you have to force it; smile. At first, it’ll be a chore. But, after a while, the smile will creep into your brain and you’ll actually start to feel (and look) better. If you don’t believe me, try it. You’ll see.
  10. Watch your favorite movie. When I’m in a gloomy mood, I don’t even like doing the things I normally like to do, including watching movies. If you have that too, you’ll just have to make yourself watch it. Put it in the DVD player and sit down with a glass of water and a bowl of buttered popcorn. You should feel a bit better in about an hour and a half. (Yes, I told you not to be a couch potato, but this is an exception.)

There. You should, hopefully, feel a bit better about yourself and not nearly as gloomy.

I’m going to go try some of these myself…


Underlying cloud photo credit: Yogendra Joshi

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  1. Trisha, Thank you for the great ideas! I think I’ll have to print this so I have it on hand. Just to let you know, I see you as a positive person and helpful to others. This list of things to break through a gloomy mood is a perfect example of how you pull yourself out and share your good ideas with the rest of us. Thank You:-)

    • Thank you so much. I ended up doing 5,6 and 10 last night to help me break out of the gloom. (I watched 27 Dresses).

  2. I love posts like this And I so agree with #4 and 9! It surprised me when I first asked my friends what they like about me, and they all said my sense of humor. I was like …I’m funny? Awesome! hahah

    • Thanks, MM! Sometimes I wonder how these kinds of posts will be received since this is a beauty blog. I wonder if people only expect outer beauty stuff. But whatever. I care about inner beauty too.

      Isn’t it cool how different what we think of ourselves is compared to how others see us? And I’m totally not surprised that you’re funny.

  3. I also love posts like this. In order to feel good on the outside, you need to take care of your inner being. Everything starts from within. Thanks for a great blog post… well-received on my end!

    Katie for Ouidad

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