Check Out the Supreme Cuteness I Saw Out My Window Today!

You have to watch the video I shot today.

But first, background.

I live in a basement apartment in an otherwise residential neighborhood. My living room windows are full-sized and the bottoms of each are only a few inches above the ground outside.

I see a lot of wildlife out of those windows. There have been many times that I’ve looked up to see a little face staring in at me from the cold. They’re almost always one of the many cats that roam around the neighborhood.

There a Siamese cats, tortie cats, orange fluffy cats, and a whole mess of other cats that I don’t know the breeds of.

I even saw two magpies fight a squirrel yesterday. Two against one, which is bad sportsmanship.

Yep, lots of animals outside my living room.

But more to the point, the other day I saw a mama deer and a little fawn run past my windows. Now, that was adorable.

And, to my glee, they showed up again today. What else could I do but bust out my video camera and catch them in action?



Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? I love how the fawn gallops away on unsure hind legs.



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  1. OMG!! So adorable 😀 The only critters lurking outside my window are annoying chirpy birds and even more annoying chirpy crickets. They make it their personal mission to stop me from getting any sleep LOL

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