Fiction Turned Reality for Jabot Cosmetics

If you watch The Young and the Restless, you know all about Jabot Cosmetics. Character John Abbot Sr., on the show since 1980, founded the fictional cosmetics brand.

Although Jabot Cosmetics has been fictional on YR all these years, it’s has now been turned into a real cosmetics brand.

The first three products from Jabot come in a kit: Jabot Red Carpet Collection ($69.50 on HSN).

It comes with…

  • Jabot Photo Ready Facelift, 0.9 fl oz. Gives immediate temporary face-lifting results to tighten, lift and firm your face. And it supposedly gives long-term benefits after continued use.
  • Jabot Picture Perfect Eye Lift, 0.5 fl oz. Like the facelift, but for your eyes. Temporarily tightens, lifts and de-puffs the skin around your eyes.  Promises to minimize dark circles.
  • Jabot Crushed Diamond Facial Resurfacer, 1.7 oz. Decadent! Exfoliates your skin to smooth, brighten and polish skin with diamond-shaped crystals.

I’ll be reviewing all 3 of these fiction-turned-reality beauty products soon. So, stay tuned!

(UPDATE! I’ve reviewed the Jabot Red Carpet Collection. Check it out!)


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  1. I’m not a The Young And The Restless fan but this is kinda cool. And also quite weird… lol. I can’t wait to read your reviews.

    • Yeah, I’ve never watched the show either. I just really like the idea of a fake company turning into a real one. 😀

  2. hmm, the facelift cream sounds interesting. Looking forward to your reviews! 🙂

  3. I want to try this out I don’t have major issues or problems with wrinkles sagging skin but I have a slight hint of some fine lines and my sisters are all 10 years to 30 years older thank me (8 in total older sister) and i would give them something like this so I can see how well it works.Can’t wait to get this to check out.

  4. Excited to hear your feedback. I’m seriously considering trying the 5-Star Wrinkle serum.

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