A Blog-Award Tag

Know what a blog tag is? Basically, a list or questions or a certain task makes the rounds on certain blogs. The blogger then tags other bloggers so they can do it as well. (If I weren’t so tired right now, that explanation might have made some sense.)

Well, my blogging buddy over at Makeup Morsels tagged me for a blog award tag. What a sweetheart. If you have a moment, you should totally check out her blog. I love going there for her nail posts most of all, though it’s all good.

These are the awesome awards she gave me by tagging me:

inspiration-awardAnd now, on to the questions I must answer. Open-mouthed smile

Name your favourite color: Pink! And I use it often in makeup and otherwise. Let’s say I need a new tea pot. There’s one black tea pot for $5 and one pink tea pot for $7. I get the pink one. Also, blue is my least favorite.

Name your favorite song: I hate having to pick favorite stuff like this…aww… I guess to make me happy, it’s Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”. My own personal anthem is Styx’s “Come Sail Away”. And my favorite current songs are Selena Gomez’s “Who Says” and Chris Brown’s (ugh…if only it could have been done by someone else..) “Look at Me Now.” But, my favorite kind of music is ska. I’m all over the place.

Name your favorite dessert: Orange cookies. A family recipe best for Christmas. They rule all.

What is pissing you off? Right now? Not much of anything. I tend to stick to positivity. Although I did get a mean blog comment this morning basically calling me ugly. I swiftly deleted it and moved on.

When you’re upset, you… Talk myself through it. “It’s not a big deal, and you won’t even remember this incident in 10 years. And you’re awesome. Don’t worry about it.” And then I watch “Whose Line Is It Anyway.”

Your favorite pet: I haven’t had a proper pet since I was 6. I would love a cat right now, but my apartment doesn’t allow pets. I do cuddle the heck out of my mom’s cat whenever I visit, though.

Black or White? Neither? I don’t like wearing black or white. Color! But I guess black if I have to choose.

Your biggest fear is…: Dying, I guess. And since anything can kill you, I’m afraid of everything. This manifests mostly in a fear of falling.

Your best feature is…: My positivity, maybe? I should ask someone else.

Everyday attitude: Well, I usually battle procrastination for the first half of the day, but am still filled with a generally sunny outlook.

What is perfection? Hot cocoa, pizza, video games and a movie marathon. All while wearing super cute makeup.

Guilty pleasure: “America’s Got Talent.” Way better than “American Idol” and it’s a fun summer show.

Now…I’m not tagging anyone for this. Everyone that I would have tagged has already been.


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  1. I’m so happy you did this tag! LOL even though it’s by Chris Brown, that’s a pretty good song. And I like your positive outlook on life! Ignore the mean people 🙂

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