Nutrisystem Nation Week 17 Results and Nutribear 40 Photostory

Alas, I have been on Nutrisystem for 17 weeks now.

I had a really good breakfast this morning. I had an NS Breakfast Burrito with chipotle salsa (free food), a big peach (fruit serving) and a glass of milk (dairy/protein serving). I tell ya, salsa really hits the spot when it comes to the breakfast burrito or the NS Chicken Quesadilla.

nutrisystemLogoA few weeks ago, I hit the 40-pounds-lost mark. And just like with every other 10-pound victory, I got a Nutribear to celebrate the achievement.

So far, you’ve met Pound, Commitment and Community. Now it’s time to meet Nutribear 40: Determination!

nutribear40-01As always, the unofficial mascot of Makeup Files, Apartment Gnome, had to meet and approve the new bear. Luckily, AG and Determination got along right away. Just like old friends.

nutribear40-02I was having company to my apartment over the weekend and I wanted to make a dessert/snack that everyone could eat (including me). After all, I can’t exactly share my Nutrisystem snacks.

Determination helped me pick out this Choco-Peanut Clusters recipe from the Eat Up Slim Down! 2011 recipe book by Prevention.

nutribear40-03And this is how they turned out! They’re basically just chocolate, peanut butter and All-Bran cereal. Each cluster was 90 calories (because I made 8 servings instead of 16), so I ate 2 in place of 1 NS dessert.


Determination wanted to eat one, but I didn’t think it’d be a good meal replacement for the fresh salmon and berries she should be eating.

Also over the weekend, I went to the Saturday morning farmer’s market. The market is actually split into 3: a produce market, a craft market and a misc. mixed up market. I found a stall in the craft market with a guy who sold hand-made hoola hoops. Since I’d been looking for a good hoola hoop, I was thrilled!

I picked up this really big hoop that’s black with sparkly orange stripes. It’s huge! And way too big for little ol’ Determination.

I’ve been hoola-hooping up a storm since I got it.

And, maybe that contributed to my good weight loss this weekend. Check it out:

Time for a weigh-in…

I hopped onto the scale this morning and…

week17I lost 2.8 pounds this week! That brings my 17-week total to 44.6 pounds lost. Eek!

That also means I have less than 12 pounds to go before I’m under 200 pounds. I’m so excited!

Check out my progress on Nutrisystem s far:

  • Week 1: –6.4 pounds
  • Week 2: –2.4 pounds (-8.8 total)
  • Week 3: –3.8 pounds (-12.6 total)
  • Week 4: –2.4 pounds (-15.0 total)
  • Week 5: –3.0 pounds (-18.0 total)
  • Week 6: –1.6 pounds (-19.6 total)
  • Week 7: –3.4 pounds (-23.0 total)
  • Week 8: –1.0 pounds (-24.0 total)
  • Week 9: –2.6 pounds (-26.6 total)
  • Week 10: –3.4 pounds (-30.0 total)
  • Week 11: –0.6 pounds (-30.6 total)
  • Week 12: –4.2 pounds (-34.8 total)
  • Week 13: –1.0 pounds (-35.8 total)
  • Week 14: –1.8 pounds (-37.6 total)
  • Week 15: –3.0 pounds (-40.6 total)
  • Week 16: –1.2 pounds (-41.8 total)
  • Week 17: –2.8 pounds (-44.6 total)

I hope you’re enjoying the summer while it lasts.

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.


PS: Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting the Nutrisystem website.

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  1. Wow! Awesome job!

  2. Love these bears 🙂 And omg, the hoola hoop is awesome! I need to dust mine off, and get hoola-hoopin’ again.

  3. I love hula hooping. It’s a good and fun cardio workout. I used to have a padded 4lb hoop I bought from It’s easier to hoop and the added weight makes one mean abs workout.

    • Yeah, it;s totally a lot of fun. I’m just happy I can do it at all. When I was a kid, I couldn’t keep a hoola-hoop up for 15 seconds…

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