My Makeup-Inspired Art: Pointillism Eye

I consider myself an artist. Most of my art consists of the written word. I craft posts for Makeup Files, write articles for online publications, ebooks, and am working on a few different novels.

But, once upon a time, I also did more “traditional” art. I liked to paint and draw. Though I’ve always been a better painter than drawer, I’ve never been world-class at either. It’s just something I liked to do.

Still, I haven’t drawn or painted in years. And then Walgreens had a sale on Crayola Washable Markers last week. I picked up a pack of the classic, fat markers and got to work.

The idea: some kind of pointillism picture. Pointillism is art created with dots. Seurat and van Gogh were famous for it.

So, with just the Crayola markers, I created a makeup-inspired piece with a bunch of dots. On regular printer paper.

Here’s the work in progress:

I really like drawing eyes. And, since I like makeup, I gave the eye some purple shadow in the crease and red/pink on the lid.

Here’s the finished product:

pointillismEye02Like it? I do. I was pretty proud of my first piece of drawn art in years.

Here’s a close-up so you can see the dots:

pointillismEye03So many dots! (sorry for the blurriness) No area uses only one color. There’s always a mix. Even the pupil of the eye is black and blue. The eyeliner is brown and black.

Do you create art? Can I see it? Winking smile


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  1. Wow, that’s beautiful and creative! You did a fab job!

  2. omg, I completely fail at Pointillism. The one time I did it, I was only allowed to use one Sharpie to create the entire image…when I finished, it just looked like a sheet of black dots LOL

    Love the image you created, especially the subtle blend of color dots! Looks great, and I especially love how you added the eye makeup xD

    • You should try again! And I love the idea of using just a black Sharpie. Now I want to try that…

      I guess I know what I’m doing next. 😉

  3. You are so talented! I bet it took hours for you to dot that picture! Hang it somewhere near your makeup table, girl! It can be your inspiration.

    • Good idea! I should totally hang it up where I need beauty inspiration. Maybe even by my desk.

      Yeah, it too hours. I did most of it while watching TV. 😉 I was just too darn bored.

  4. That’s really cool! I remember doing a drawing like that once (in high school or college) but I’m not that great at drawing so I’m sure mine didn’t turn out that well. Now I want to get some markers!

  5. Hi Thrisha,
    WOW very creative job!

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