Samy Dry Icing Instant Restyler Fixes Flyaways Fast

Regular readers of Makeup Files are familiar with the plight of my Day-Two Hair. For the uninitiated, my hair looks awesome on the day I wash it and terrible on the next day.

It’s been my personal quest to find ways to make my Day-Two Hair tolerable looking, rather than a tangled mess that rats might want for their nest.

When I heard about Samy Professional’s Dry Icing Instant Restyler, I thought it was a cool idea. I mean, it’s sole purpose is making your crappy hair instantly restyled and adorable. Check, please!

I waited for the perfect moment.

Why try the Instant Restyler when my hair is already adorable? It would sort of defeat the purpose. So, instead, I waited for my hair to be at its worst.

AKA, on the day after I washed it.

How does it work?

I twisted off the thick cap to find a creamy, slightly sweet-smelling substance.

SamyInstantRestyler02It was like a cross between a cream and a pomade. Both soft and waxy at the same time. I flashed-back to high school when I used to grease up my bangs with pomade before blowing them out nice and straight.

Just like what was suggested on the jar, I added a small amount to my palm and worked it into my dry hair.

How did it look?

Since the hair around my temples ends up the most frizzy and ugly on day two, I used it there the most.

Instantly, I noticed that the Instant Restyler smoothed down the frizz and flyaways. At that, I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and pomped up my bangs. With the restyler holding back the hair on the sides, I didn’t have the puffy mini-side-fros that normally make my ponytails lack that certain je ne sais quoi I envy in other women’s perfect ponies.

I was a lot happier to walk amongst the living with my Day-Two Hair in better control.

The Final Verdict

Over the course of a few weeks, I tested out the pomade/cream of the Dry Icing Instant Restyler in various styles. Just a tiny amount does a world of difference. This 4 oz. jar is going to last forever. However, if you don’t like your hair to have a slightly waxy feel to it, it’s best to steer clear and go for a mousse or styling cream instead (although the waxiness abates if you hit it with a blast from the hair drier). Personally, I’ll be using this again.

I give the Samy Dry Icing Instant Restyler a…


You can pick it up at Walgreens and on Samy’s website for $4.99 – $9.99 for a 4 oz. jar.



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  1. hehe I love your description of you second day hair 😀

    Good to know this product works, and at a nice price point too! Is the slightly waxy feel something you notice only when you touch your hair, or does it feel waxy on your head/hair, if that makes sense?

    • You make sense to me. 🙂 It doesn’t feel waxy on the head, but only to the touch. It’s not super noticeable, especially if you only use a little.

  2. This sounds just like what I need for my hair.. I’m not sure about the waxy feel though..

    • Luckily, the waxiness almost disappears if you blow-dry it. Since you have straight hair, you could do that and then you probably wouldn’t feel the wax at all.

  3. This sounds like a winner to me! I’m glad it makes your hair look fabulous.

  4. This is what I want
    can’t find it in Drug Stores, etc. anymore
    where can I get it???????

  5. Sammy dry icing re-styler. Was discontinued. What works like it. I need it

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