Do You Wear Body Spray?

You know, in most beauty blogs, all we ever hear about in the fragrance world is perfume. But what about perfume’s younger sister, the body spray? You know: the lighter, less perfume-y scent that often come in a plastic spray bottle.

She needs some attention, too.

So, after spraying on my favorite body spray this morning, I got to wondering about my Makeup Files readers.

Do you wear body spray?

What’s your favorite? And if you don’t wear it, why?

My answer: Yep, I wear body spray sometimes. My favorite is the Degree Sexy Intrigue Body Mist. The sweet, sexy, powdery scent is still my fave even after all these years.

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  1. I used to be obsessed with them in high school but then for some reason I stopped using them. Maybe I should give them another go..

  2. Yup, I have some B&BW body sprays from my pre-perfume days. I don’t wear them very much anymore, but from time to time I’ll pull one out.

  3. I prefer body sprays or colognes than perfume because they’re lighter and fresher scents. I have bottles of perfume too though and I alternate them depending on the occasion.

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