Autumn Leaves Makeup Tutorial

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is over. Say goodbye to the hot weather and hello to the chilly breeze.

Although fall ushers in winter (booooo!), it does come with a really awesome color palette. Autumn’s all about rusty reds, deep browns and awesome metallic orange and gold. And that means all new makeup looks.

That’s why I created the Autumn Leaves makeup tutorial.

This fall-inspired look pairs drama and metallic shimmer with the colors of the season.

What You Need

Although I use very specific products for Autumn Leaves, you don’t need to follow the brands exactly. Just look for similar colors and you can create this look with just about anything. You’ll need…

Autumn Leaves, Step by Step

autumnLeaves02Start by spreading a sticky pre-shadow medium, like Pixie Epoxy on your eyes. If you use mixing medium, apply it as you use each eye shadow color, as normal.

autumnLeaves03Apply the light beige eye shadow at the corner of the eye. Spread it upward and out just below the brow following the line of the eyebrow. Smooth a little bit on the lower lid as well.

autumnLeaves04Blend the orange eye shadow on to your lid, from the lash line to the crease. Apply some on the middle two-thirds of your lower lid as well.

autumnLeaves05Blend the rusty red eye shadow around the outer corner of the eye and up into the crease. Blend it upward from he crease to about a centimeter below your eyebrow. Apply it to the outer one-third of your lower lid.

autumnLeaves06For finishing touches on your eye shadow, bust out the black and white. By lightening and darkening certain parts, you’ll add dimension to the look.

Blend a dab of white shimmer shadow at the inside corner of the eye and sweep it lightly under the arch of your eyebrow for some highlight.

Darken the crease with a bit of black eye shadow for some depth.

autumnLeaves07Line all around your eyes with brown eyeliner. The line should be thicker near the outside corner of the eye, and super thin at the inner corner. To line the bottom, spread the brown liner on your water line.

Apply brown mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.


Apply your favorite brownish-red lip color.

Finish the look by cleaning up your face. Remove any fallout from the shadow and use powder or concealer as needed. I filled in my eyebrows, used concealer under my eyes, blotted out my skin with powder and warmed myself up with some blush.

Autumn Leaves in Action

autumnLeaves09I felt pretty in this look. Even though I’d rather it still be summer, I don’t mind strutting around town with this fall-inspired makeup.

What about you? I hope you’re enjoying the season-change!


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  1. What a gorgeous look, perfect for fall! Love the lips too.

  2. Trisha, that is such a gorgeous look for you; I hope it works even half as well for me!

  3. Ooh I love, love the gold and orange combo!

  4. This is such a beautiful look! I love your berry lipstick, too!

  5. I really like your blog! Lovely look!

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