Samy Icing Continuous Spray Shampoo and Moisturizer Does it Differently

I’m not going to lie: I like a gimmick. In addition to digging a multivitamin you spray in your mouth, I’ll always be interested in a beauty product that does things differently.

And, hopefully, it’s still a good enough product without the gimmick.

When I saw the spout for the Samy Icing Continuous Spray Shampoo and Moisturizer, I said to myself, “Yay! A Gimmick!”

Rather than a typical spout/top for a shampoo or condition, these metal cans come with a spout you’d most often find on a bottle of mousse. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Samy Icing Continuous Spray Shampoo

SamyCS02After getting my hair wet, I popped the cap off of this metal bottle of shampoo. Looking at the spout, I got my palm ready for what I thought would be a big blob of foam.

SamyCS03But it wasn’t foam at all. You’d think it would be, but the white, pearlescent shampoo was in the regular lotion form you’d find in any other shampoo bottle. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t as gimmicky as I expected based on the looks. Still, the spout is different from anything else you’ll find at the drugstore.

On the bright side, you don’t need a lot of this sweet, gentle-scented shampoo to get your hair clean. My first instinct was to use a lot, and that was way too much. It cleaned my hair well, didn’t leave residue, smelled nice and lasted a long time. For these reasons, I give the Samy Icing Continuous Spray Shampoo a…


You can pick this up at Walgreens or on the Samy website for $9.99 suggested retail price.

Samy Icing Continuous Spray Moisturizer

SamyCS04They call this a moisturizer, but it’s used the exact same way as a conditioner. I worked it into my freshly shampooed and rinsed hair, waited a few minutes (not suggested on the bottle or anything, but I highly recommend letting your conditioner sit a minute before washing it out) and then rinsed it from my hair.

Just like the shampoo, the Moisturizer didn’t come out as a foam. Still, it lasted a long time and had decent hydration. Although the metal bottle says it’s good for all hair types, it didn’t feel like it would be great for someone with really dry hair. While it was moisturizing, it wasn’t that deep. And, like the shampoo, it also had a subtle sweet scent.

While the conditioner did it’s job, it wasn’t that memorable, though. For these reasons, I give it a…


You can pick this up at Walgreens or on the Samy website for $9.99 suggested retail price.


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  1. I must admit, I kind of like gimmicks too. These sound interesting, I wish the delivery was slightly more epic though!

  2. I fun with gimmicks too. But still not promising this Samy Icing on my taste.

  3. I just bought these today at the Dollar Tree! I can’t wait to see if I like it!

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