The Coolest Thing Ever: Vote for Makeup Files for Best Beauty Blog from SHAPE Magazine

I got some really cool news recently. As I was sipping some water and admiring the super rainy weather (yes, I love rain), I got a very nice email from SHAPE Magazine.

Well…let me be more clear: I got an email from SHAPE Magazine that made me freak out.

See, they’re having a 2011 best blogger competition. They have 20 bloggers in 6 different categories.

And, what do you know? I’m nominated as a best beauty blogger!!! By SHAPE Magazine!

As you can imagine, I’m super excited. And they told me that my readers had nominated me. I had no idea! So, that’s a BIG thanks to those that thought of me and Makeup Files.

It feels so good to be recognized for what I’m doing here and appreciated for the blog I’ve been working on for 3 1/2 years.

(They pick a winner from each category, and then a grand prize winner that gets a paid web series for SHAPE!)

Want to show your love for Makeup Files?

I  would just LOVE it if you’d vote for me. That would totally make my day. You have until October 28th, 2011 to vote. And if you want to recommend your friends to vote for me as well, I wouldn’t object. Winking smile

All you have to do is hop over to the voting page, click “Vote for this blog!” and then pick Makeup Files out of the list.

As thanks, here’s a cupcake:

cupcakeThank you, thank you, thank you.


Photo credit: Clever Cupcakes

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  1. That’s great, good luck. Voted! 😉

  2. Great news Trisha! I voted for you. Makeup files is great, hope you win!

  3. Such exciting news, I’m on my way to vote now!

    And thanks for the cupcake 😛

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