Do You Shave Your Legs in the Winter?

It’s freezing outside. Gone are the days of shorts and skirts with bare legs. Now’s the time for completely covered legs. (Unfortunately.)

But, when you know your legs are going to be sheathed for an entire season, does that affect leg hair maintenance?

For many of us, we leave the razor behind in favor of cutting out valuable shower time. After all, why bother if no one is going to see those gams anyway? Yet others don’t let the cold weather and long pants change their habits.

Which one are you?

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My answer: In the past, winter shaving would be super rare for me. Maybe only a few times in the entire season. But, I’ve been a lot more keen to have clean-shaven legs lately. I think this year it’ll be once or twice a week. And more for special occasions.

Totally unrelated to winter legs: Once Upon a Time, the fairy-tale show by the writers of Lost, starts this Sunday! I’m so exited. It looks really good. Here’s a trailer to refresh your memory:

Are you going to tune in?


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  1. For my husband, otherwise, otherwise once or twice a week!

  2. I shave less in winter too and do it about three, sometimes four, times a week.

  3. I’m a dancer, so I need to have hair-free legs year round. It’d be good to get to be lazy for a bit though, haha!

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