The Jabot Red Carpet Collection Review

If you’re a long-time viewer of The Young and the Restless, then you may remember the fictional beauty brand on the show, Jabot Cosmetics. Well, recently that fiction became a reality when a collection of real Jabot Cosmetics was released.

So enters the Jabot Red Carpet Collection. This kit features three skincare items for a total of $69.50. It comes with…


  • Jabot Red Carpet Crushed Diamond Facial Resurfacer, 1.7 oz.
  • Jabot Red Carpet Photo Reader Face Lift, 0.9 oz.
  • Jabot Red Carpet Picture Perfect Eye Lift, 0.5 oz.

Red Carpet Crushed Diamond Facial Resurfacer

Don’t let the name fool you: there aren’t any diamonds in the Jabot Crushed Diamond Facial Resurfacer. Instead, there are “’diamond’-shaped crystals” in this facial exfoliator.

Even without the real diamonds, this stuff is the best facial, physical exfoliator I’ve tried, and I’ve tried quite a few. Rather than having a small amount of beads and a lot of lotion, this cream is jam-packed with crystals. Since they’re so small and fine, it essential acts like a face-buffing fine sandpaper. And I mean that in a good way. A bonus: no perfume-y scent.

It left my skin silky-smooth without any irritation. I give it an…


You can get the Crushed Diamond Facial Resurfacer with the Jabot Red Carpet Collection.

Red Carpet Photo Ready Face Lift

The Jabot Photo Ready Face Lift promises an instant, temporary lift to sagging or wrinkled skin.

JabotTrio03Unfortunately, I didn’t see that kind of result. My skin didn’t feel any firmer. Since maybe my skin was just too young, I had my mom try it as well. She didn’t see any firming action, either.

On the plus side, this left my skin feeling very smooth and nice without any oily residue. My face also seemed a little brighter. It didn’t have a strong scent and didn’t irritate my skin.

For these reasons, it gets a…


You can get the Photo Ready Face Lift with the Jabot Red Carpet Collection.

Red Carpet Picture Perfect Eye Lift

The Jabot Picture Perfect Eye Lift is just like the Photo Ready Face Lift, but delicate enough to go around your eyes.

JabotTrio04I had the exact same reaction to this one, too. While it didn’t firm skin, it made it feel smooth and brightened. It also didn’t irritate my skin or eyes. But since it didn’t live up to its main promise, it doesn’t get a great score. I give it a…


You can get the Picture Perfect Eye Lift with the Jabot Red Carpet Collection.

Have you tried the Jabot collection? What did you think?


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  1. The exfoliator sounds wonderful but it’s too bad the other products don’t do what they’re supposed to do.

  2. I agree with Gio, I’ll have to try that exfoliator, it sounds great.

  3. The exfoliator sounds tempting! Jam packed with crystals? Yes please!

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