Beauty Storage Idea: Pretty Pink Gravel Makeup Brush Holder

Makeup storage is one of the hardest things to pin down. When you have a small collection of makeup, you can just use a travel makeup box for all your shadows, glosses and liners.

But, as your collection grows, you need to get creative. And, while you’re at it, you can create pretty storage that looks great in any bathroom.

Today, I’m tackling storage for makeup brushes.

Pretty Pink Gravel Makeup Brush Holder

For this makeup storage idea, all you need is:

  • a clear glass
  • some aquarium gravel (yes, aquarium gravel)

While any color will do, I went for pink. Why? Because it’s my favorite color and because it’s super pretty. (And I got it at a dollar store for some extra savings.)

Just fill up the glass with the aquarium gravel, and you’re done. Stick the makeup brushes into the gravel and they’ll stand on their own.

Set the makeup brush holder where you normally put on your makeup. I’ve got mine on a ledge right above the sink. Check out the pretty pink gravel in action:


How do you clean the gravel?

Since you’ll be using a lot of powder products with these brushes, some of the powder may fall down onto the gravel.

Luckily, it’s easy to clean. Just dump the gravel into a fine strainer and rinse it in the sink. Let it the gravel dry and pour it right back into the glass.

Here’s an extra tip: if you like to use spray hair products or perfumes, do this away from your makeup brushes so it doesn’t fall onto the bristles.


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  1. Nice and clean… looks good!

  2. Very cute and functional. 🙂

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