When’s the Last Time You Cleaned Your Makeup Brushes?

Chores. Nobody likes them, but it’s something you know you have to do.

In the beauty world, an oft-forgotten chore is the cleaning of the makeup brushes. The dirtier they get, the higher the chance of spreading bacteria. Plus, your eye shadow brush won’t produce as of pure colors as it would when it’s clean.

But, like any other chore, you may be neglecting this one. So, I ask…

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?

Tell us in the comments!

If you need some advice on cleaning your makeup brushes, check out this how-to on makeup brush-cleaning.

My answer: I’ve actually been really good about cleaning my brushes lately. I cleaned my favorite eye shadow brushes about a week ago and a few of my face makeup brushes this weekend.

And hey…it isn’t as bad as doing the dishes!


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  1. I think I’d better go and clean my brushes now. Thanks for the remainder!

  2. ahahah I’m with Gio! It’s been awhile…I’ve started using my fingers lol

  3. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know when! I have cleaned a few as needed, but they all could use a good deep clean.

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