For the Holidays: Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Have one of those friends who seems to always have a different hair color? Or maybe a friend who’s been stuck in a hair color rut and is thinking about going a different shade, but is too afraid to take the first step.

She might like Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color, coming in 15 different shades, from blonde and pink to black and dark brown—and all in between.

The semi-permanent dyes go on easy, straight from the bottle. No mixing required and no ammonia or peroxide.

While most semi-permanent dyes in the store last about 28 shampoos, this was less. I found that I was back to my original color after about 5 shampoos.

Still, the shades offer a really pretty change in color.

BigenSP02Here’s Darkest Brown in action. As you can see, it looks ultra natural and pretty, like I was born this way. (For a “before,” check out You Are Beautiful.)

It’s gift time!

Wondering if this is right for the lady on your holiday shopping list?

This is perfect for…

  • stocking stuffers
  • gals who love to change their hair
  • less-than-brave girls who aren’t sure they want to make a hair color commitment
  • beauty gifts under $5

You can pick up the Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Colors at the Bigen website, Amazon and beauty supply stores for $4.99 suggested retail price.


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