5 Ways to Climb Out of Your Makeup Rut

Have you ever stared at your face in the mirror before heading off to work or some special event and said to yourself, “well, I look the same as always”?

If so, you’re in a makeup rut.

While it’s good to find what works for you, sticking with the same tired colors and techniques will make you bored, fast. And if you’re bored, so is everyone else.

But, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help you get out of that makeup rut.

5 Ways to Climb Out of That Makeup Rut

  1. Choose an eye shadow color you’ve never tried before. There’s got to be some color in the rainbow that hasn’t graced your lids. Yellow, red, pink, orange…these are all awesome colors that don’t get enough use as eye shadows. Try them out!
  2. Wear more on your eyes. Do you usually go light on your makeup? Today, apply a thicker eyeliner line, a darker crease eye shadow shade, or apply shadow to your lower lids as well. It doesn’t hurt to have a little drama now and then.
  3. Wear less on your eyes. If you usually go bold for your makeup, give your look a break today. Apply only the bare minimum, such as a thin line of brown eyeliner and a sweep of brown mascara on the upper lashes.
  4. Pucker those lips. If you’re used to a subtle mauve, peach or rose shade on your lips, go bold today. Find the boldest lipstick in your collection. You probably have a color you bought but never wore (don’t we all?). Try that!
  5. Change with the seasons. Just as the weather grows colder, so should your makeup look. Stay out of the rut by adapting your makeup colors to the seasons. For winter, blues, plums and metallic gold and silver work great. Choose pastel pinks and greens for spring. Rock warm orange, yellow and red over the summer. Autumn is all about brown, rust and deep forest green.

No more makeup rut for you!


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  1. Great tips! I usually look for inspiration on my fave beauty blogs when I’m stuck in a rut but I definitely try some of these tips too next time!

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