Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford’s Creme de Serum Speedy Review

Have you seen Cindy Crawford lately? If you have, you’ve probably realized that she looks exactly like she did in the ‘90s.

See for yourself:

Honestly, I think she looks even better now.

Cindy has been working with Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh to create an anti-aging skin care line to help women stay beautiful longer, without cosmetic surgery. It’s called Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford.

I got to try the Crème de Serum.

MBCremedeSerum01You just pump this out into your hand and apply it to your clean skin either once in the morning or once at night (but not both.)

It was very moisturizing and left my skin silky smooth. However, I felt it left a bit of a greasy residue, so I recommend using it at night rather than day.

The scent was pretty subtle, which was good because it was a bit odd. It smelled like lilac and chemicals. Luckily, I could barely smell it once it soaked into my skin.

As for anti-aging, it features melon-complex, peptides and hyaluronic acid to make skin look younger. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I don’t really have wrinkles on which to test this theory. But, judging by how smooth my skin felt when using it, I’d say the odds are in our favor.

I give the Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Crème de Serum a…


Right now, you can pick this up at Amazon for $39.99. The Crème de Serum was listed in the Meaningful Beauty starter kit, but isn’t currently.


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  1. Good for you no wrinkles yet. Is there a product that you would give a higher grade than a b-? I really enjoyed using this product but was alergic to the rest of the items and i guess you have to buy the whole package each time. A lot of waste. Thanks and good morning

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