For the Holidays: Earthly Elements Brazilian Citrus Body Lotion

Have someone you love on your holiday shopping list? And does she love body lotion?

Then she might like the Brazilian Citrus Body Lotion from Earthly Elements.

EEBodyLotion01This lotion comes in a bright orange bottle that totally reminds me of summer.

As the name would suggest, the Brazilian Citrus Body Lotion has a light citrus scent reminding me of oranges and cream.

The lotion consistency is thin, so this is best for normal-skinned beauties as dry-skinned beauties may not find it moisturizing enough.

As with all Earthly Elements products this lotion is paraben-free and doesn’t contain artificial fragrances, silicones or other nasty ingredients.

As an added bonus, it comes with a removable charm emblazoned with “LOVE.” Awww.

It’s gift time!

Ready to see if this is right for the one you love?

This is perfect for…

  • those you love
  • citrus-lovers
  • ladies in need of lotion
  • normal-skinned gals who need just a bit of moisture
  • ladies who prefer natural ingredients

You can pick up the Earthly Elements Brazilian Citrus Body Lotion at Amazon for $7.99.


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  1. I love citrusy scents and the charm is so cute but I have dry skin so I’m not sure it will work well for me. 🙁

  2. Wow, i love citrus, so this sounds good to me.

  3. Aw, I have dry skin, but the scent sounds divine. Love the cute little charm too 🙂

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