Did You Get Any Beauty Gifts for the Holidays?

The holiday season is over. (Sadness.)

All the presents have been unwrapped and all unwanted items exchanged for new and more exciting ones.

But, since I just can’t let go of the holidays, I wanted to know…

Did you get any beauty-related presents for the holidays?

Perhaps you got a fancy perfume or some eye shadow from your favorite cosmetics brand. Or maybe you got a gift card so you could pick out exactly what you wanted.

Let me know your answer in the comments below!

My answer: I got some Target brand Up + Up nail polish remover pads and makeup remover wipes. Plus, some awesome orange-flavored Candyland lip balm. These were great gifts for someone like me who has a ton of beauty products already.


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  1. Not this year. I guess my family and friends think I have way too much beauty products already lol.

  2. One of my friends gave me a perfume mini, and I got B&BW body spray from another 🙂 Close friends who know I’m a beauty blogger usually don’t buy me makeup though, they know I have enough haha

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