Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with LUSH Red Dragon Soap

January 23rd marks another Chinese New Year, and this year is the year of the dragon.


LUSH has come out with a body soap bar to celebrate the new year: Red Dragon Soap.

This bar is shaped like a dragon with a blood orange-colored bar dusted with gold.

Red Dragon Soap is scented with Karma, one of LUSH’s best-selling fragrances. To me, it smells like mango with a large dusting of patchouli and a pinch of cinnamon.

This is a body soap, so you can use it in the shower or bath over your entire body. Red Dragon Soap leaves your skin squeaky clean. Some people don’t like that feeling, so keep that in mind.

It left me clean and smelling yummy. And I loved the shape and color of this bar soap.

Yay for the year of the dragon!

I give LUSH Red Dragon Soap a…


You can pick this up at LUSH’s website for $7.95 for a 3.5 oz bar. This one’s online-only.


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  1. It looks so cute!| The scent sounds lovely too.

  2. Chinese New Year is Jan 23? hahaha it’s impossible to remember what it changes to every year. Love the soap though, it’s so pretty with the red and gold, and I’ve heard good things about their Karma scented items.

  3. Can be a great gift idea to a Chinese friend of mine, and beside that, it looks cute indeed.

  4. It looks so cute, I want to preserve it, lol! The scent sounds yummy.

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